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Bertha is the founder of Star One Professional Services.  She is an innovative leader in the coaching and business consulting field utilizing the proven processes of Trusted Advisors Network.  She challenges individuals and organizations to become better leaders of themselves and others while maintaining purpose and balance in their lives.  She believes everyone should live their best life.  Bertha has over 18 years of experience with key Problem Solving skills and business analysis to enable successful resolution of any issue.   Her passion and dedication to her clients to achieve their goals is evident in how she goes above and beyond to get improved results.

Foster Innovation | Leadership Development | Process Improvement | Identify Inefficiencies | Issue Resolution | Business Coach & Consultant

Bertha is a current member of New Jersey Association of Women Business Owners, NJAWBO. She served as the Public Relations Coordinator and Region Leadership Chair for the Central Region, which covers Mercer, Hunterdon and Somerset Counties.  She now serves as the Vice President of Membership on the state Board of Trustees.

Star One Professional Services, is a member of the Trusted Advisors International Network of Senior-level Business and Executive Development Affiliates. Conveniently located in Somerset, New Jersey, Star One Professional Services is well poised to co-create the business development solutions of a diverse client base.

Star One Professional Services’ focus is on working with clients to maximize their organization’s value by assisting them in identifying and implementing innovative solutions. These solutions are designed to help individuals and organizations achieve measurable results, some of which include increased profitability, market share, productivity, customer loyalty, and retention, as well as decreased employee turnover. With minimum disruption, Star One Professional Services can quickly assist clients in meeting their specific objectives.

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Case Study

Web Development

Web development firm, founded approximately eleven years ago

The owner wanted to grow the company above the ceiling that seemed to have formed. The owner was looking to increase profit and revenue. She needed to prepare the infrastructure, staff, and resources for growth, which meant she needed to increase the proportion of larger clients and projects while evaluating her product and service offerings. In addition, she felt the need to gain some professional and personal life balance.

A three-month planning process was facilitated with the owner. Upon completion of the plan, ongoing coaching was facilitated to help the client implement the plan.

Revenues double year over year
Profits increase year over year
Consistently increasing average size of clients and projects
Brought design, programming, maintenance and support in-house-a full team of dedicated professionals to serve clients’ needs
Instituted an active sales program
Purchased a business vehicle
Initiated 12-month public relations campaign
Set a new work schedule for the owner with fewer hours at the office